of the City of Meridian
City Hall 601 23rd Avenue
P. O. Box 1430
Meridian, MS 39302-1430
(601) 485-1931
$37,306 beginning annual salary, payable bi-weekly, to a maximum of $55,959
OPENING DATE: May 16, 2017
CLOSING DATE: Applications will be accepted until 12:00 Noon on May 31, 2017 Pursuant to Article 5, Section 5.04, of the Civil Service Code of Rules and Regulations (attached), the Commission may reject, or cause to be rejected the application of any person for admission to a test, or may, after examination, decline to certify, or may remove from an eligible list, an applicant who is deemed disqualified.Ê
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Assists in the development and implementation of an educational program, which educates the Commercial Food Industry and the Public of the detriments of fats, oils, and grease discharging to the sewerage or storm water systems. Inspects and monitors source of fats, oil and grease, including grease interceptors and sewers. Assists in the development of a general maintenance program for the maintenance of fats, oils, and grease interceptors to assure routine cleaning activities are performed. Educates commercial food establishment owners of proper maintenance of grease traps or interceptors and assists them in developing training program for their employees. Reviews the businesses spill control plans for compliance with federal, state, and city requirements. Monitors for compliance with local, state and federal wastewater discharge regulations; attempts to bring about voluntary compliance; initiates enforcement actions where necessary. Responds to complaints and makes routine inspections and inquiries as required. Conducts facility inspections. Performs data management procedures including data entry, reporting, and billing. Coordinates communication with commercial establishments regarding discharges. Confers with representatives of other departments concerning problems on ensuring compliance with the Wastewater Reclamation AuthorityÕs National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permit (NPDES). Answers and directs telephone calls and performs simple typing as assigned or in the absence of clerical personnel. Maintains files and records of daily work activities. Keeps immediate supervisor and designated others fully and accurately informed concerning work progress, including present and potential work problems and suggestions for new or improved ways of addressing such problems. Attends meetings, conferences, workshops and training sessions and reviews publications and audio-visual materials to become and remain current on the principles, practices, and new developments in the discharge of fats, oils, and grease discharges. Conducts meetings, conferences, workshops and training sessions and develops publications and audio-visual materials to commercial food establishments and the public on current best management practices on the discharge of fats, oils, and grease. Responds to citizens questions and comments in a courteous and timely manner. Communicates and coordinates regularly with appropriate others to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of interdepartmental operations and activities. Performs other directly related duties consistent with the role and function of the classification. Knowledge of the functions of government in a municipality. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the public, City officials and other employees. Ability to handle confidential and administrative information with tact and discretion. Ability to train and evaluate the work of others relative to programs being used. Ability to communicate effectively with others, both orally and in writing, using both technical and non-technical language. Extensive knowledge of work place safety, specifically personal protective equipment and confined space entry. Ability to understand and follow oral and/or written policies, procedures and instructions. Ability to develop, prepare and present accurate and reliable reports containing findings and recommendations. Ability to operate a personal computer using standard or customized software applications appropriate to assigned tasks. Ability to use logical and creative thought processes to develop solutions according to written specifications and/or oral instructions. Knowledge of utility billing and invoicing systems. Ability to perform a wide variety of duties and responsibilities with accuracy and speed under the pressure of time-sensitive deadlines. Ability and willingness to quickly learn and put to use new skills and knowledge brought about by rapidly changing information and/or technology. Integrity, ingenuity and inventiveness in the performance of assigned tasks. Ability to locate sources of pollution. Ability to read City sewer maps and blueprints. Sufficient clarity of speech and hearing or other communication capabilities, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to communicate effectively. Sufficient vision or other powers of observation, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to review a wide variety of written material in both electronic and hard copy. Sufficient dexterity with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to lift sewer hatches and covers to inspect sewer and grease lines. Sufficient manual dexterity with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to operate a personal computer and related equipment. Sufficient personal mobility and physical reflexes, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to function within the general office environment. Performs other related duties as required.
MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Graduation from High School and five yearsÕ experience in sewer maintenance operations, public health, environmental health, or industrial pretreatment inspections or any equivalent combination in which two years of college education in environmental, public or community health, sanitation engineering, biology, public relations or a closely related field may be substituted for the required experience. Any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to perform the work. Directly related experience to fats, oils and grease outreach program(s) preferred.
EXAMINATION: The examination will consist of satisfactory proof of completion of Minimum Qualifications as stated above constituting 30% of final score and 70% to be derived from the oral examination, totaling 100%.Ê The total composite score must be 70 or above to be considered for the position.Ê Applicants deemed to have met the Minimum Qualifications will be notified of the date, time, and location of the oral test.Ê No test will be rescheduled regardless of circumstances.Ê Persons should not apply unless they clearly meet the qualifications set forth in this announcement.Ê False statements are grounds for rejection or discharge from employment.Ê All position classifications will require criminal background report and work history.Ê Failure to complete the background investigation phase shall constitute a failure in the examination.Ê Certification of Eligibility for this position is contingent upon verification of information submitted on Civil Service Application.Ê The Civil Service Examining Board reserves the right to curve the test and results may be curved in accordance with the guidelines provided by the test provider and based upon the needs of the department. As a prerequisite for employment with the City of Meridian, all job applicants offered employment must submit to a drug and alcohol test. Any job applicant who tests positive for drugs or alcohol will not be considered for employment.
EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: The City of Meridian does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age and disability in employment or the provision of services. THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT PROHIBITS EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION AGAINST THE DISABLED. However, as a legitimate business necessity applicants must be capable of performing all essential functions of this position, which are considered as bona fide occupational qualifications. Indicate special needs.
For Civil Service Application and further information contact:
Civil Service Commission
First Floor, City Hall
Meridian, Mississippi
(601) 485-1931
05/19, 05/26/2017
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