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COUNCIL MINUTES September 5, 2017 The City Council of the City of Knoxville, Iowa convened in regular session Monday, September 5, 2017 at 6:15p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers. Mayor Brian Hatch presided and the following Council Members were present: Megan Suhr, Cal Stephens, James Lane, Dylan Morse and Rick Kingery. Staffs present were City Manager Aaron Adams, Assistant City Manager Heather Ussery, City Clerk Jodi Bellon, Police Chief Dan Losada, Fire Chief Jim Mitchell, and Water Reclamation Supervisor Pat Murphy. Mayor Hatch asked for Citizen/Public Comments regarding items not on the agenda. There were none. Motion by Kingery; second by Lane to approve the consent agenda as follows, all ayes. 1.Approve City Council Minutes of August 21, 2017 2.Approve Special Council Minutes of August 23, 2017 3.Accept Housing Board Minutes of May 15, 2017 4.Accept Housing Board Minutes of May 22, 2017 5.Accept Housing Board Minutes of June 19, 2017 6.Accept Annual Housing Board Minutes of June 19, 2017 7.Accept Housing Board Minutes of July 6, 2017 8.Approve Class C Liquor License for Shotz, LLC Motion by Lane; second by Suhr to approve first consideration to adopt an ordinance amending the code of ordinances of the City of Knoxville, Iowa by amending provisions pertaining to garbage and refuse; Lane, Kingery, Suhr; ayes, Morse, Stephens; nay. Karen Brown of BrownÕs Sanitation was present and discussed the affects this could have on her business. Motion by Lane; seconded by Kingery to set a public hearing for September 18, 2017 at 6:15 pm to approve resolution proposing the disposal of an interest in real property; ayes. Motion by Morse; second by Lane to approve supplemental agreement for the 2017 Streets Project; ayes. Motion by Lane; second by Kingery to approve payment of claims; ayes. MARION COUNTY SHERIFF, GARNISHMENT 74.96 AFLAC, AFLAC-ACC/PRE 314.93 COLLECTION SERVICES CENTER, CHILD SUPPORT 1,455.96 ICMA RETIREMENT TRUST, ICMA 1,953.39 MUNICIPAL FIRE&POLICE, MFPRSI 20,846.24 KNOXVILLE FIRE&RESCUE ASSC , FIRE DUES 61.44 CITY OF KNOXVILLE, SLF FND BEN-S 12,009.55 DELTA DENTAL OF IOWA, DELTA DENTAL 443.65 COLONIAL LIFE, COLONIAL LIFE 22.85 PLIC-SBD GRAND ISLAND, LIFE INSURANCE 745.31 EMPLOYEE BENEFIT SYSTEMS, PRE-TX FAM HLTH 23,952.72 MOTOR INN OF KNOXVILLE, 2018 CHEVY SILVERADO K2500 20,103.00 O'HALLORAN INTERNATIONAL INC , 2017 INTERNATIONAL DUMP TRUCK 102,904.00 911 CUSTOM, ACTIVE SHOOTER KITS 758.00 ALLIANT ENERGY, 1301 E PLEASANT - WWTP 690.65 ATOMIC TERMITE&PEST CONTROL, MONTHLY PEST CONTROL 70.00 BARCO MUNICIPAL PRODUCTS INC, STREET SIGNS 301.75 VANWALL EQUIPMENT, MOTOR OIL 297.79 BOUND TREE MEDICAL LLC, FAST PATCHES 239.09 BRUENING ROCK PRODUCTS INC, ROCK FOR PLAYGROUND 96.98 CANON FINANCIAL SERVICES INC., COPIER LEASE 545.59 CARPENTER UNIFORM& PROMOTIONS, LIEUTENANT BADGE 111.74 CENTRAL IOWA FASTENERS, SIGN SUPPLIES 98.60 CINTAS, RESTOCK MEDICAL CABINET 17.71 CMI INC, MOUTHPIECES 216.60 CREATIVE LANDSCAPING, SEED OF PARKS 180.00 EMPLOYEE BENEFIT SYSTEMS, SAFE-T FUND REQUEST 3,282.56 EXCEL MECHANICAL CO INC, REPLACE ACTUATORS ON BOILER 2,148.00 INTOXIMETERS, DRY GAS 115.00 IOWA RADIO PLUS, MONTHLY INTERNET ADVERTISING 75.88 IOWACE TREASURER, FALL CONFERENCE - WORRALL 135.00 JOSH'S CONSTRUCTION, MANHOLES 21,060.00 KEYSTONE LABORATORIES INC, MONTHLY LAB TESTING 1,501.50 JOEL KIMPSTON-BURKGREN, REIMBURSEMENT MEALS 20.09 KNIA KRLS INC, MONTHLY RADIO ADVERTISING 766.08 KNOXVILLE WATER WORKS, SEWER RENT COLLECTION 4,166.67 LASER LABS INC, TINT METERS 99.90 MARION COUNTY ENGINEER, ROCK - GODFREY&PLEASANT 574.75 MARION COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY, ANIMALS - JULY 1,610.25 MARION COUNTY RECORDER, CEMETERY DEED 7.00 MENARDS, TOOL BOX 59.75 MIDAMERICAN ENERGY COMPANY, 800 S PARK LN - REC CTR 13,849.34 MIDWEST OFFICE TECHNOLOGY INC, NEW HARD DRIVE 880.40 NOBLE INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY, BUNKER GEAR CLEANER 403.80 NORRIS ASPHALT PAVING INC COLD PATCH 1,064.37 O'REILLY AUTOMOTIVE INC, AUTO PARTS 4.49 OFFICE DEPOT, TASK CHAIR 240.64 PEAK SOFTWARE SYSTEMS INC, 6 MONTH MAINT CONTRACT 701.00 PHILLIP'S FLOORS, INC, FLOOR REFINISHING 1,750.00 PHYSIO CONTROL, ANNUAL SERVICE AGREEMENT 3,723.96 PLUMB SUPPLY COMPANY, O RING 5.79 RACEWAY TIRE&EXHAUST , ZONING VEHICLE - FRONT BRAKES 515.59 RACOM CORPORATION INC, BATTERIES 222.00 ROHRICHS TREE SERVICE, N 2ND ST TREES CUT 900.00 ROMAR, BEARINGS 73.26 K&L THOMPSON, LLC, OIL CHANGE - TAHOE 33.95 SNYDER&ASSOCIATES INC, 2017 STREETS IMPROVEMENT 3,350.54 SOUTHEASTERN EMERGENCY EQUIP, MEDICAL SUPPLIES 456.37 SPAHN&ROSE LUMBER, SUPPLIES - CITY HALL ROOF 333.66 STAR EQUIPMENT LTD, PARTS FOR CONCRETE SAW 21.25 STUYVESANT,BENTON& JUDISCH, MONTHLY RETAINER 2,000.00 SUMMIT COMPANIES, FIRE EXTINGUISHERS 183.00 THE SIGN SPOT, LOGOS FOR TRUCK 190.00 TK CONCRETE INC, RENO ST STORM SEWER IMPROVEMNT 84,881.91 ULRICH MOTOR, OIL& FILTER FORD PICKUP 39.88 US CELLULAR, HOT SPOT 86.72 AUSTIN WILLETTS, TRAINING - MEALS 46.92 ZIMMER&FRANCESCON, INC., REPAIR PARTS 1,101.09 MASSMUTUAL, HARTFORD 63.86 IA PUBLIC EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT, IPERS - REGULAR 21,345.89 TREASURER STATE OF IOWA, STATE TAXES 8,774.00 IRS WITHHOLDING PAYMENTS, FED/FICA TAX 23,939.25 TOTAL ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES, FLEX- MEDICAL 843.03 Under Mayor Report, Mayor Hatch congratulated City Clerk Jodi Bellon for completing another year of her continuing education for her certifications as an Iowa Municipal Clerk. Under City Manager Report, City Manager Adams wanted to remind everyone that Knoxville Leadership Academy starts next week on Tuesday at 5:30 pm. Also, Recreation Director Brandon Nemmers has taken over the parks department from Streets Supervisor Dennis Webb. Chief Losada reminded everyone that school has started and to continue to be cautious and slow down. Motion by Lane, second by Stephens to adjourn at 6:38 pm; ayes. Brian Hatch, Mayor ATTEST: Jodi Bellon, City Clerk
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PostedSeptember 14, 2017