WHEREAS, default having been made in the payment of the indebtedness secured by that certain mortgage dated March 2, 2015, from Clayton Hill, Jr. And wife, Kathy L. Hill, to Metro Bank as Mortgagee, and which mortgage was recorded March 18, 2015 in Mortgage Book, 2015, Page 7219, in the Office of the Judge of Probate of St. Clair County, Alabama, and said default continuing, the undersigned, Metro Bank, as owner of said mortgage, has elected to declare the entire indebtedness secured by said mortgage due and payable as provided for therein:

Notice is hereby given in accordance with the power of sale contained in said mortgage and pursuant to law that the undersigned, Metro Bank, will sell at public outcry to the highest bidder for cash, in front of the Courthouse doors of St. Clair County, at Pell City, Alabama, between the legal hours of sale on September 28, 2017, the following described real property lying and being in St. Clair County, Alabama, to-wit:

A parcel located in the Northwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section 12, Township 16 South, Range 3 East shown as Lot 94-7 on map of Lloyd Golden Lands dated 9 March 1991, and more particularly described as follows:

Commence at the Northeast corner of the Northwest quarter of the Southwest quarter of Section 12, Township 16 south, Range 3 East and run South 00 degrees 03 minutes 30 seconds East along the quarter-quarter line for 668.98 feet; thence run south 89 degrees 01 minutes 15 seconds West for 1082.05 feet; thence run South 00 degrees 58 minutes 45 seconds East for 30.00 feet to the south right-of-way of Country Wood Circle which is the point of beginning; thence run South 89 degrees 01 minutes 15 seconds West along said right of way for 206.00 feet; thence run South 00 degrees 58 minutes 45 seconds East for 635 feet; thence run North 89 degrees 01 minutes 15 seconds East for 206.00 feet; thence run North 00 degrees 58 minutes 45 seconds West for 635.00 feet to the point of beginning.

Said sale is to be made for the purpose of paying the mortgage debt and all costs and expenses of foreclosure as provided for in said mortgage and the proceeds of said sale will be applied as directed by and in said mortgage.

Alabama law gives some persons who have an interest in property the right to redeem the property under certain circumstances. Programs may also exist that help persons avoid or delay the foreclosure process. An attorney should be consulted to help you understand these rights and programs as a part of the foreclosure process.

Hugh E. Holladay,
Attorney for Metro Bank,
12 Edwin Holladay Place,
Pell City, Alabama 35125
09/07/17; 09/14/17; 09/21/17
(226529) 9-21-17
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PostedSeptember 07, 2017