NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION TO CREDITORS, DISTRIBUTEES AND LEGATEES Notice is hereby given that the following estate(s) have been opened for probate in the Raleigh Fiduciary Supervisor's Office at 215 Main Street, Beckley, WV 25801-4612. Any person seeking to impeach or establish a will must make a complaint in accordance with the provisions of West Virginia Code 41-5-11 through 13. Any interested person objecting to the qualifications of the personal representative or the venue or jurisdiction of the court, shall file written notice of an objection with the County Commission through the Raleigh Fiduciary Supervisor's Office at the address listed above within 60 days after the date of the first publication or within 30 days of the service of the notice, whichever is later. If an objection is not filed timely, the objection is forever barred. Any person interested in filing claims against an estate must file them in accordance with West Virginia Code 44-2 or 44-3A. Settlement of the estate(s) of the following named decedent(s) will proceed without reference to a fiduciary commissioner unless within 60 days from the first publication of this notice a reference is requested by a party of interest or an unpaid creditor files a claim and good cause is shown to support reference to a fiduciary commissioner. First Publication Date: Monday, August 7, 2017. Claim Deadline: Friday, October 6, 2017. ESTATE OF: CHRISTINE RILEY. ADMINISTRATOR: WARREN CAREY RILEY, 165 WOODFORD STREET, GLEN MORGAN, WV 25813 ESTATE OF: DAVID WAYNE ALIFF. ADMINISTRATOR: DAVID WAYNE ALIFF II, 3036 OLD COUNTRY ROAD, BLOOMINGROSE, WV 25024-9651 ESTATE OF: STEVEN GAIGE COLO. ADMINISTRATOR: STEVE COLO III, 111 DANIEL STREET, BECKLEY, WV 25801-3215 ESTATE OF: EFFIE MARY LILLY. ADMINISTRATRIX: KATHERINE MARIE JOHNSON, 6152 E OLD US 421 HWY, EAST BEND, NC 27018 ESTATE OF: VIRGINIA N. LIVELY. ADMINISTRATRIX CTA DBN: DEBORAH WARD WORRELLS, 171 MOSSY ROCK DRIVE, DANIELS, WV ESTATE OF: BRIAN LEO QUINN. EXECUTRIX: TINA MARIE QUINN, PO BOX 152, GLEN DANIEL, WV 25844 ESTATE OF: KENT TERRANCE SAUL SR.. ADMINISTRATRIX: PHYLLIS A. SAUL, PO BOX 204, COAL CITY, WV 25823 ESTATE OF: WANDA V. SIMPKINS. EXECUTOR: CARROLL D. SIMPKINS, PO BOX 5128, BECKLEY, WV 25801 ESTATE OF: BILLY RAY SHORT SR.. EXECUTRIX: MARY CANADAY, 207 ALLEN AVENUE, BECKLEY, WV 25801-6301 ESTATE OF: LOUISE MARGARET GWINN MCGRAW. EXECUTRIX: NANCY CAROL FURROW AKA NANCY REUSCHEL, 457 TABLE ROCK ROAD, BEAVER, WV 25813-9024 ESTATE OF: IDA MABRY CABELL AKA IDA MAE CABELL. EXECUTRIX: VICKIE LYNN JACKSON THOMPSON AKA VICKI LYNN JACKSON-THOMPSON, 42612 POND RIDGE LANE, BELLEVILLE, MI 48111-7502 ESTATE OF: BILLY JOE BALLENGEE. EXECUTRIX: BARBARA SAUNDERS, PO BOX 573, BEAVER, WV 25813 ESTATE OF: BILLY E. CROTTY. EXECUTRIX: LENORA CROTTY, 602 TEEL ROAD, BECKLEY, WV 25801-2340 ESTATE OF: WILLIE DAVID COLLINS. EXECUTRIX: VICKIE YOUNG, PO BOX 734, SOPHIA, WV 25921 ESTATE OF: VIOLET V. HICKMAN. EXECUTRIX: MARGARET HICKMAN, 906 PATCH STREET, BECKLEY, WV 25801-6836 ESTATE OF: LACY BYRON STOVER. EXECUTRIX: AMY REBECCA STOVER, PO BOX 463, BECKLEY, WV 25802 ESTATE OF: VIRGINIA PEARL HUGHART. EXECUTRIX: DREMA WILSON, PO BOX 298, COOL RIDGE, WV 25825-0298 ESTATE OF: TIMMY ANDREW COLE. EXECUTRIX: JUDY ANN COLE, PO BOX 1622, BEAVER, WV 25813 ESTATE OF: JONATHAN DAVID HENSLEY. EXECUTOR: DONALD E. HENSLEY, 118 BEVANS AVENUE, FIRECO, WV 25823 ESTATE OF: DARRELL WAYNE GRANT ST AKA DARRELL WAYNE GRANT SR.. EXECUTRIX: CAROL JEAN GRANT, 194 MAHAN AVENUE, BECKLEY, WV 25801-9113 ESTATE OF: LEOLA JEANETTE PINTER. EXECUTOR: JOEL STEPHEN PINTER, 103 CONNOR STREET, BECKLEY, WV 25801-2708 ESTATE OF: DENNIS CECIL HARVEY. EXECUTRIX: DONNA MARIE DAVIS, 402 KNOLLS DRIVE, DANIELS, WV 25832-9471 ESTATE OF: DELORIS EMOGENE ARMENTROUT. ADMINISTRATRIX: TWILA STAR COOPER,6038 FERNVIEW AVENUE, CINCINNATI, OH 45212-1312 ESTATE OF: CATHY JO KEITH CRAIG. ADMINISTRATOR: JOSEPH HERNDON KEITH, 148 SAND BRANCH BRANCH, MOUNT HOPE, WV 25880-9684 8-14-MON-2-RH; LG 6788
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PostedAugust 07, 2017