OSKALOOSA COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT MEETING OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS NOVEMBER 14, 2017 The Board of Directors of the Oskaloosa Community School District met in regular session at 6:00PM on Tuesday, November 14, 2017, in the Administration Board Room, 1800 North 3rd Street, Oskaloosa, Iowa. Present were Board members Shelly Herr, Sharma Parlett, Carl Drost, Amanda McGraw, Lynette Stream, and Kraig Van Hulzen. Member Erik Edgren was absent. Also present were Superintendent Mr. Russell Reiter, Steph Wilson, Bill Almond, Rozy Warder, Jolene Liebl, Andy Hotek, Alice Bowling, Stacy Bandy, Mike Dursky, Carolyn Pederson, Charlie Comfort, Angie Holland, Tim Veiseth, Corey Trainer, Dimitrios Androutsopoulos, Jason Callen, and Chad Vink. President Herr called the meeting to order. Drost moved to approve the revised Agenda. Parlett seconded and all voted in favor. Van Hulzen noted that he submitted a written report for their consideration. McGraw commented on her experience as a speech judge at the High School. Drost commended the Student Council and high schoolers for the exemplary Veterans Day Program. McGraw inquired about the new fence at the Elementary School, and Drost asked about the scope of insubordination cited in the Middle School behavior reports. Drost commended Wilson on the composition of her report. Mr. Reiter took the floor to inform the Board on events and activities in the District. He began by noting the work being done on the field at Community Stadium. He continued by commenting on committee schedules, the upcoming desk audit, the High School Gym Project, and the IASB Convention later that week. The Board thanked Mr. Reiter for his report. After a few Board questions, Drost moved to approve the Minutes, Financials, and Abstract of Claims as presented. McGraw seconded and all voted in favor. Mr. Bandy introduced an opportunity for French Language students to take a trip to Quebec to use the language. He provided a tentative itinerary and noted that fundraising was set to begin. Van Hulzen moved to approve the out-of-state trip by foreign language students to Montreal, Quebec, in March 2018. Drost seconded and all voted in favor. Rozy Warder from Take Action Consulting informed the Board on recent activities for behavioral supports in the buildings. She commented on the social-emotional intervention team, the new online referral process, suspension comparison data, and the autism parent group. Corey Trainer and Carolyn Pederson, Elementary School Faculty, also came forward to convey PBIS data and the causes for improvement. The Board thanked Warder for her report. Steph Wilson, District Curriculum Director, was in attendance to present summary data on the results of testing during the fall trimester. She provided data on MAP testing, FAST testing, cohort comparisons, and overall growth. The Board then inquired about students in post-secondary classes and the publishing of the Oskaloosa Syllabus. Mr. Reiter took the floor to present an analysis on the increase in expenditures in the Special Education department. He noted staffing adjustments, lower Medicaid revenue, and the increasing needs being seen statewide. Parlett and Drost indicated the desire to keep balancing program costs with IEP goals. Wilson came forward again, this time to present the proposed goals from the District Advisory Council. She noted that they were mostly structured around success in MAP testing. Board members then asked about core alignment and the number of goals involved. Van Hulzen moved to approve the District Advisory Council goals for 2017-2018 as presented. McGraw seconded and all voted in favor. Mr. Reiter took the floor to explain the District funding process, and how, if the District should incur a deficit due to an increase in open enrollment out, the Board could choose to request to recoup the spending authority. Discussion ensued about deterring outward-bound students and not necessarily taxing for the authority. Van Hulzen moved to approve the request to the School Budget Review Committee for a Modified Supplemental Amount for Budget Authority for Open Enrollment Out in the amount of $413,255.70. Parlett seconded and all voted in favor except Drost, who voted against. Mr. Reiter introduced the opportunity to request additional budget authority for the costs incurred by serving English Language Learners for more than five years. It was noted that, while needs usually exceed five years, the current aid from the State only extends for the first five years of additional instruction. Parlett moved to approve the request to the School Budget Review Committee for a Modified Supplemental Amount for Budget Authority for ELL students served beyond five years in the amount of $10,262.56. Drost seconded and all voted in favor. Mr. Reiter said that he wanted to provide an opportunity for the Board to discuss what changes, if any, they wanted to make to the Physical Education credits as related to students participating in extra-curricular athletics. The Board consensus was to wait until a meeting where Edgren could be present. Drost also cited information that the exercise most athletes were receiving exceeded the minimum amount recommended by the Healthy Kids Act. Drost moved to approve, for the second and final reading, Board Policy 210.2 Ð Regular Meeting as presented. Stream seconded and all voted in favor. Mr. Reiter noted that, as provided in Board Policy, the Board must annually decide regarding a retirement incentive, and he recommended a package that matches the one offered in 2016. Discussion ensued about the number of retirees, substitute options for retirees, and unfunded liabilities associated with the package. Van Hulzen moved to approve Board Policy Exhibit 407.6E1 Ð Voluntary Early Retirement Plan for 2017-2018 as presented. Drost seconded and all voted in favor. Mr. Reiter and Bill Almond, Operations Director, presented an opportunity to purchase a school bus immediately to replace one to be taken out of service. McGraw moved to receive three bids for bus purchase and award the sale to Hoglund Bus Co., Inc. for one 2018 77-passenger diesel school bus with engine upgrade at a cost of $83,500.00, with an option of trade-in allowance. Parlett seconded and all voted in favor. Mr. Reiter conveyed that it would be in the best interest of the District to have separate legal counsel for possible 28E Agreement negotiations with the City of Oskaloosa, and recommended Jeff Krausman. After discussion on experience and cost, the Board agreed. Van Hulzen moved to appoint Jeff Krausman as official legal counsel for the Oskaloosa Community School District for the Recreation and Childcare Center Project. Drost seconded and all voted in favor. Herr introduced a draft of Board goals compiled as a result of the Board work session and meetings with others. Members expressed their agreement with them, and discussed when and how to act on them over the months to come. Parlett moved to approve the revised Oskaloosa Community School District Board Goals as presented. McGraw seconded and all voted in favor. It was agreed to next meet on Tuesday, November 28, at 6PM to discuss participation in the Recreation and Childcare Facility Project and the 28E Agreement that may be associated with it. Van Hulzen moved that the Board of Directors of the Oskaloosa Community School District hold a closed session to evaluate an individual whose performance is being considered as provided in Iowa Code Section 21.5 and pursuant to the individualÕs request. The Board entered closed session at 8:15PM. The Board exited closed session at 9:18PM. President Herr adjourned the meeting at 9:18PM. Chad M. Vink, Board Secretary OSKALOOSA COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT MEETING OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS NOVEMBER 28, 2017 The Board of Directors of the Oskaloosa Community School District met in work session at 6:00PM on Tuesday, November 28, 2017, in the Administration Board Room, 1800 North 3rd Street, Oskaloosa, Iowa. Present were Board members Shelly Herr, Sharma Parlett, Carl Drost, Amanda McGraw, Lynette Stream, and Kraig Van Hulzen. Member Erik Edgren was absent. Also present were Superintendent Mr. Russell Reiter, Michael Schrock, Angie Holland, Ken Allsup, Dave Krutzfeldt, Joe Caliguiri, Linda Crookham-Hansen, Eric Christensen, Andy Hotek, Mike Dursky, Tom Walling, Steph Wilson, Stacy Bandy, Jeff Krausman, and Chad Vink. A few students from a government class at William Penn University were also in attendance. President Herr opened the floor for Mr. Reiter to update the Board and public regarding the status of the Childcare and Recreation Center Project. He detailed the history of the project and the current trend for completion. Discussion ensued on the needs of the District and what may be available with the new building under the current budget constraints. President Herr then invited Attorney Jeff Krausman to lead a discussion on the structure of a potential 28E Agreement to outline the rental of the expected building. He detailed how it has worked with other entities and fielded inquiries from Board members, including regarding financing schedule, catastrophe abatement, facility capacities, financing options, potential school use and operation of the facility, and the DistrictÕs involvement in maintenance and capital improvements. It was determined that the next steps included developing a financing plan and reviewing the conceptual drawings to ensure that the DistrictÕs needs are being met in the scope and budget of the proposal. President Herr adjourned the meeting at 7:46PM. Chad M. Vink, Board Secretary 3-E ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING &EQUIPMENT 2,908.34 ABEKA 667.15 ACCELERATIONS EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE 199.00 ACER SERVICE CORPORATION 3,377.00 AG PARTS 1,884.75 AGRILAND FS, INC. 50.00 AHLERS&COONEY, P.C. 10,635.98 AKERS, JEFF 300.00 AMAZON.COM 2,008.16 ANDERSON ERICKSON DAIRY 10,113.30 APPLE, INC. 1,527.35 AQUA TECHNOLOGIES 2,502.24 ARCHER, BRYAN 615.00 ARCHER, MINDY 7.47 ARNOLD MOTOR SUPPLY 599.31 ASPERHEIM, KELLY 180.00 ASSOCIATION FOR SUPERVISION&CURRICULUM 1,485.00 AVILES CONSTRUCTION 865.00 B&H LOCKSMITH 546.96 BANDY, STACY 8.99 BILL AND RAY'S AUTO SERV 4,067.38 BLYTHE, AMY 32.95 BOOK VAULT 296.52 BOWER, DAVID 144.82 BOYLE, MIKE 195.00 BREADEAUX PIZZA 189.78 BREAKOUT INC 125.00 CARRIKER, LAURA 213.60 CENTERPOINT ENERGY SERVICES 877.76 CENTRAL IOWA CRITIQUING WORKSHOP 260.00 CENTRAL IOWA FASTENERS 119.61 CERTIFIED PEST CONTROL 905.00 CHAMPION STORAGE AND SIGNS 70.00 COAST TO COAST COMPUTER PRODUCTS 256.47 COMFORT, MIKE 30.00 COMPUTER LABS 378.90 CONTRACT SPECIALTY, LC 90.98 CURTIS ARCHITECTURE& DESIGN 4,405.00 DECKER SPORTING GOODS 2,872.17 DEJONG GREENHOUSES, INC. 260.00 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION 1,280.00 DRAPER, DEB 42.37 EAST HIGH SCHOOL DEBATE 60.00 EDUCATIONAL THEATRE ASSOCIATION 95.00 EF EDUCATIONAL TOURS 717.83 EGAN SUPPLY CO 557.21 ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 285.90 EMS DETERGENT SERVICES 888.90 ENERGY ASSOCIATION OF IOWA SCHOOLS 700.00 ENVIROMATIC CORPORATION OF AMERICA, INC, 50.20 FEH ASSOCIATES 2,697.74 FISHER QUALITY CAR WASH LLC 300.00 FOLLETT SCHOOL SOLUTIONS 100.59 FYNAARDT, CHRISTOPHER 50.00 GAMETIME 518.00 GARDEN&ASSOCIATES, LTD. 139.49 GOODWIN TUCKER GROUP 316.50 GRAHAM, JESSICA 75.00 GRANT WOOD AEA 1,360.00 GREAT AMERICAN OPPORTUNITIES 7,028.80 GREAT PRAIRIE AEA 7,195.81 GREAT RIVER COFFEE- BEVERAGE SYSTEM 28.75 GRIGGS MUSIC 1,078.48 GROOM, RYAN 325.00 GROSSHANS, KISTA 20.00 GULLETT FENCE CO 7,589.00 HAINES AUTO SUPPLY 353.72 HEART SMART.COM 1,289.00 HOEKSTRA, JOHN 5.00 HOGLUND BUS COMPANY 8,356.69 HOLMES, LISA 30.00 HOOK, ROBIN 62.60 HOPKINS ROOFING 928.56 HY VEE 1,620.00 IDEAL READY MIX 7,614.50 INDIAN HILLS COMM COLLEGE 235.00 INFOMAX OFFICE SYSTEMS, INC. 798.09 INSTITUTE FOR MULTI- SENSORY EDUCATION 5,375.00 IOWA ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOL BOARDS 573.50 IOWA COUNCIL OF TEACHERS OF MATHEMATICS 460.00 IOWA HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC ASSO 4,218.00 IOWA HIGH SCHOOL MUSIC ASSOC 247.50 IOWA HIGH SCHOOL SPEECH ASSOCIATION 50.00 IOWA STATE DANCE&DRILL TEAM ASSOCIATION 260.00 ITEC CONFERENCE 865.00 J.W. 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DISTRIBUTING 43,104.89 MATHCOUNTS FOUNDATION 300.00 MAUER SUPPLY, INC. 85.40 MCCORMICK'S GROUP LLC 32.14 MCDONOUGH, CHARLES 315.00 MCGRAW-HILL EDUCATION, INC 1,026.38 MEDIA QUEST SIGNS 13,332.50 MID AMERICA ENERGY 25,381.96 MIDWEST COMPUTER PRODUCTS 2,817.00 MIDWEST SANITATION& RECYCLING 2,675.97 MILLER, JON 65.00 MITRISIN, RON 55.00 MODERN PIPING INC 6,520.00 MONTAVON, MATT 35.00 MORRIS, DENISE 24.70 MUSCO SPORTS LIGHTING INC 1,775.52 MYONCORE.COM, 999.00 NASCO 419.70 NEWTON HIGH SCHOOL 100.00 OFFICE CENTER INC 62.80 ONICON INCORPORATED 2,879.92 ORIENTAL TRADING CO 1,479.08 OSKALOOSA ATHLETIC DEPT 54.00 OSKALOOSA COMMUNITY SCHOOLS 12,463.76 OSKALOOSA HERALD 315.06 OSKALOOSA MUNICIPAL WATER DEPT 10,117.25 OSKALOOSA QUALITY RENTALS 540.00 OSKALOOSA ROTARY CLUB 107.50 OSKALOOSA SR. HIGH VOCAL MUSIC BOOSTERS 300.00 PARKER, RENEE 120.00 PARKER, RYAN 94.90 PEARSON EDUCATION 6,569.79 PETERSON, BRIAN 8.50 PINEAPPLE APPEAL 183.00 PINKERTON, JOEL 130.00 POLLARD, TERRY 130.00 PSAT/NMSQT 288.00 QUILL CORP 1,460.04 RAINBO OIL COMPANY 84.18 RAPIDS WHOLESALE 359.34 RASIX COMPUTER CENTER INC 1,121.20 RAWSON MECHANICAL 5,257.74 REGIONAL CHEM LABS 391.92 REITER, RUSSELL 105.44 REMPE, KATHLEEN 150.00 REVTRAK 1,198.90 RICHARDSON, GREG 45.00 rSCHOOL TODAY 1,790.00 RUFFRIDGE, DOUG 135.00 SCHOLASTIC BOOK CLUBS 457.00 SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIRS 1,955.25 SCHOLASTIC INC. 1,495.07 SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS OF IOWA 110.00 SCHOOL BUS SALES 1,237.80 SCHOOL SPECIALTY 166.75 SCHUMACHER ELEVATOR CO 957.95 SETPOINT MECHANICAL INC 500.00 SHERWIN WILLIAMS CO 225.30 SHIFFLER EQUIPMENT SALES 3,648.88 SIOUX CITY COMM SCHOOL DIST 888.72 SLAGTER, KEN 20.00 SNACK EXPRESS 27.60 SONSHINE PRESCHOOL 12,345.50 STAGGS, GARY 15.00 STEINLAGE, WADE 575.00 STRASSER, MARVIN (BOB) 35.00 STRAUSS SECURITY SOLUTIONS 399.62 STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS, P.C. 4,890.00 SUBWAY SHOP 256.06 SUPPLIES OUTLET 35.97 SUPPLY WORKS 8,042.52 SWANSON, WANDA 48.75 SWICK, PAUL 25.00 SWINK, ZACH 65.00 TAKE ACTION CONSULTING 8,761.89 TEACHER DIRECT 97.60 TOBII DYNAVOX LLC 199.00 TOLLIVER, ALAN 74.89 TRUE VALUE 357.79 U.S. CELLULAR 237.63 UNITED PARCEL SERVICE 30.88 VANDE WALL PLUMBING 600.00 VANDE WEERDHOF, AART 105.00 VANDEVOORT, MEGAN 18.69 VENTURA, KAREN 25.00 VEX ROBOTICS.COM 115.42 WALSTON, LISA 200.73 WEBER, CHASE 350.00 WELLINGS POWER PRODUCTS 169.58 WELLS FARGO COMMERCIAL CARD 13,975.33 WEST MUSIC CO 1,531.15 WILLIAMSBURG HIGH SCHOOL 60.00 WILSON LANGUAGE TRAINING CORPORATION 272.16 WILSON, STEPH 28.15 YETT, DEBBIE 5.00 Total: 422,601.45 Vendors Listed: 209
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