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(Published in the Stillwater News Press January 6, 13, 20, 2018. 3t) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF PAYNE COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, Plaintiff, v. BEAU I MOORE AKA BEAU MOORE AKA BEAU IAN MOORE; SPOUSE, IF ANY, OF BEAU I. MOORE; DEBRA A. MOORE AKA DEBRA ANN MOORE AKA DEBRA A. FLEISCHER; JOHN DOE, OCCUPANT; CACH, LLC; AND TINKER FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Defendant(s). Case No. CJ-2017-514 Judge Phillip C. Corley NOTICE BY PUBLICATION THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA, TO: Debra A. Moore, if living or if dead, the names or whereabouts of said Defendant(s)' unknown successors, if any. TAKE NOTICE that you have been sued by JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association, in the District Court of Payne County, State of Oklahoma, and that you must answer the Petition on or before Febuary 26, 2018, or the allegations of said Petition will be taken as true and judgment rendered against you awarding Plaintiff a first lien upon the following described real estate, situated in Payne County, State of Oklahoma, to-wit: LOT THIRTY-EIGHT (38), BLOCK ONE (1), REPLAT OF A PORTION OF FIRST SECTION BROOKHART ADDITION TO THE CITY OF STILLWATER, PAYNE COUNTY, OKLAHOMA, ACCORDING TO THE RECORDED PLAT THEREOF. PROPERTY ADDRESS: 1002 N. Dryden Street, Stillwater, OK 74075 for the sum of $107,181.93, with interest from April 1, 2017, at 4.75 percent per annum, together with a reasonable attorney's fee, $940.00 for abstracting, advances for taxes, insurance and property preservation, and the costs of this action, and ordering said property sold to satisfy said judgment, and forever barring you and all persons claiming by, through or under you from ever setting up or asserting any right, title, equity or interest in and to said real estate adverse to the right and title of the purchaser at said foreclosure sale, and for such other and further relief to which it may be entitled. WITNESS MY HAND AND OFFICIAL SEAL, this 2 day of January, 2018. Court Clerk By: Teri M. Sahs Deputy Shapiro & Cejda, LLC 770 NE 63rd St Oklahoma City, OK 73105-6431 (405)848-1819 File No. 17-131665
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PostedJanuary 06, 2018