TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE The undersigned Substitute Trustee, by virtue of the authority vested in it by that certain Deed of Trust dated November 1, 2010, and duly recorded in the Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Fayette County, West Virginia, in Deed of Trust Book 868, at Page 132, Anthony H. Sumpter and Nancy M. Sumpter did convey unto Otis L. O'Connor, Trustee, certain real property described in said Deed of Trust; and the beneficiary has elected to appoint Pill & Pill, PLLC as Substitute Trustee by a Substitution of Trustee recorded in the aforesaid Clerk's Office; and default having been made under the aforementioned Deed of Trust, and the undersigned Substitute Trustee having been instructed by the secured party to foreclose thereunder, will offer for sale at public auction at the front door of the Fayette County Courthouse, in Fayetteville, West Virginia, on Wednesday, March 21, 2018, at 11:19 a.m. The following described real estate, with its improvements, easements and appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate in the Plateau District, Fayette County, West Virginia, and more particularly described as follows: BEING the surface only of that certain tract of land located in the Plateau District, Fayette County, West Virginia, and more particularly described as follows: BEING those certain tracts of land located on the southern side of Route 14 in the community of Gatewood, Plateau District, Fayette County, West Virginia, being a re-subdivision of the Kris R. & Kristi M. Rader property originally described as "Tract I" containing 1.569 acres & "Tract II" containing 0.477 acres being more particularly described by recent survey as follows: TRACT A: BEGINNING at a fence corner post (found) corner to Faith Ann Myers and on one line of the Frank Rose 15.69 acre tract; thence leaving Myers and with the division line between the Kris R. & Kristi M. Rader 1.569 acre tract, of which this is a part, and Frank Rose, N. 71 f 35' 20" W. 310.42 feet, crossing an existing drive to be used as an easement to access "Tract B" of this division, to a 5/8" rebar with cap (set) corner to "Tract B"; thence with "Tract B" along a new line through Tract I of the Kris & Kristi Rader tract (DB 605, pg 408), N. 73 f 39' 43" E. 124.31 feet, re-crossing the aforesaid drive, to a 5/8" rebar with cap (set); thence continuing with a new line in part, Tract II of the Kris and Kristi Rader tract and Robert McGraw, N. 15 f 14' 09" W. 325.34 feet, to a 1/2" rebar (found) corner to McGraw and on the southernmost line of the Robin and Mark Musick 0.75 acre tract; thence leaving McGraw and with Musick, S. 65 f 08' 25" E. 203.61 feet to a 1/2" rebar (found) by a fence corner post, corner to Mustick and on the westernmost line of the Faith Ann Myers 6.53 acre tract; thence leaving Musick and with Myers, S. 11 f 52' 38" E. 369.22 feet, to the BEGINNING, containing 1.445 acres, more or less, as shown on a plat to be attached hereto and made a part of this instrument (map found recorded in Release Book 233, page 135). All bearings based on the magnetic meridian of the year 2006, having a declination of 8 f 15' West. THERE IS HEREBY EXCEPTED from Tract A described above a perpetual easement from Faith Way (a state maintained highway since 1-5-1007) over an existing driveway crossing the southeasternmost corner of Tract A to be used for ingress and egress to Tract B, more particularly shown on the map recorded in Release Book 233 at Page 135, and said easement is to be mutually maintained by the current and future owners of Tracts A and B according to the proportionate use thereof. At the time of the execution of the Deed of Trust, this property was reported to have a mailing address of 115 Faith Way, Fayetteville, WV 25840. AND BEING the same real estate which was conveyed to Anthony H. Sumpter and Nancy M. Sumpter by Deed dated November 19, 2010, from Kris R. Rader and Kristi M. Rader, and recorded in the Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Fayette County, West Virginia, in Deed Book 664, at Page 132. The above-described property will be sold subject to any covenants, restrictions, easements, leases and conditions of record, and subject to any unpaid real estate taxes. The subject property will be sold in "AS IS" condition. The Substitute Trustee shall be under no duty to cause any existing tenant or person occupying the subject property to vacate said property. TERMS: Ten percent (10%) of the purchase price as a cash deposit with the balance due and payable within 30 days of the day of sale. Pill & Pill, PLLC, Substitute Trustee David D. Pill, Member PO Box 440 85 Aikens Center, Martinsburg, WV 25404 Phone (304) 263-4971 Fax (304) 267-5840 e-mail: foreclosures@ pillwvlaw.com 3-15-3; 107884
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PostedMarch 01, 2018