• 6 Rooms & Hallway

  • $239
6 Rooms & Hallway
The GREENER Carpet Cleaner
• ONE HOUR AVERAGE DRY TIME • Deeper Cleaning than Steam or Chem • Carpet Dries Soft, Not Hard or Crunchy
• Tile & Grout Floor Cleaning • Environmentally Green Products
Research studies have shown that one cleaning with the Oxymagic System reduces dust mites by 78%, dust miteallergens by 75%, cat allergens by 85% and mold spores by 85%
Tile and Grout Floor Cleaning
Natures Way The GREENER Carpet Cleaner
Don’t Let Life’s Little Messes Get You Down. Call Us Today!
Guaranteed Price Over The Phone!
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PostedDecember 05, 2017